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Super rough line tests for the 2D animation course! Only 8fps and I didn’t have time to actually fix the animation yet, so it’s around the first try for the scene. But gosh, Tim’s moving!!

Final assignment for the character design course!

Death and Devil are actually just simple buddies who needs to do their job from time to time. After work they hang out together and have hobbies of their own. Death wants to become a superhero, and Devil loves knitting and having an afternoon tea with his best friend. Devil is pretty fashionable, while Death doesn’t think twice what he puts on. The best example is his work cloak that hasn’t changed in 1500+ years.

bynineb said: You are incredibly talented and your character designs are really unique and special, you deserve more popularity! Keep it up!

THANK YOU! You know, your sudden appreciaton just made my day! ( I really needed this today ) It’s these kind of little things why I love tumblr! ;v;

Thanks also all those people who keeps faving or reblogging my works! I means much to me, even if there’s only 1 or 2 notes! ♥

More character design course stuffff~! This time we had to make some children show characters, so I made Koshimo.

More character designs~ This time some fantasy characters! May I introduce you Erran, a failed magician who can only use magic for paper, and Melvind, the invisible dwarf.

Melvind actually has the most fabulous beard in whole Kassiopeia, but unfortunately he got hit by a miscasted spell - turning him invisible - so no-one believes that he even has one. Later on he met Erran, and decided to join the gang - since it may lead him to find the cure to his miserable state.

Something silly I made for the character design course! We had to make a character of ourselves, so I ended up being the “Ultimate Bed Man” (mostly because I was so damn tired at the time I was making this). The Ultimate Bed Man is the best hero of them all: He(she?) protects all of us tired students! Altough he’s almost invulnerable (thanks to his good-quality mattress), he has one big weakness: if he gets knocked down, he can’t get up on his own anymore!!

Please don’t mistake him with the Awesome Eggplant Man or the Super Banana Woman, altough they may look a little bit same.

Animation Backgrounds Part 2~

Hi guys! Here’s some of the backgrounds I’ve been drawing this past week for my animation class. (I finally made them all!! Yayz!) Now I have time to actually start to fix the animation! Late from the schedule, as always. Haha, I wonder why!


Fashionable rabbit made for a character design course~

At my second animation course we started from the very basics, and I later thought these would be nice to have in color. Originally made with pencil and paper, but traced and colored with computer later on. The balloon I drew few times before getting it the way I wanted. It also ended up being the longest of the three with the total of 78 drawn frames, whoa!

I’ve been so busy with my school courses that I haven’t been able to draw much anything else these days - but I found some older pictures hanging in my hard drive that I had totally forgotten about! An epic robot battle settles with not-so-epic dive! Poor Tim also brokes his arm in such an overly dramatic manner (and takes him three more frames to actually get a grasp of it)

Sketchbook drawings from the last month. Haven’t been able to use computer so much, so I’ve been filling my note with Timtale scenes. After taking the 2D animation classes, I’ve been really getting quicker with drawing! Here’s some Timtale for you!

She’s ashamed because she doesn’t have a head. Homework I’ve been doing today. I hope I’ll finish the man before tomorrow as well. ♥

More robot concepts. I’ve been really into robots recently - This one’s called EAM, it’s a tiny helper robot for every home.

Feeding Parrots
No-one can resist the cuteness of the parrots!! ♥ I hope this’ll give you as warm and fuzzy feeling as I had while making it.