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Oh god, I love drawing character references! (^ v ^) Most of these are few months old already, but I wanted to finish various ones before posting them <3 So many silly details, and - as you can see - the names for Tesíyn family have been decided! Thanks everyone who suggested the names!

Some nice details: Tim’s “formal” name is Tim De Silva, since he was “adopted” by a local fireman with the surname “De Silva”. Lucas and Madelline are twins. (check the smile and the nose) Madelline is really mature and clever girl,  Lucas is a snobbish prankster, who is keenly interested in the latest fashions - altough he doesn’t have enough money to buy any real brands. (you can see the little color and detail differences between his and Tesíyn family suits)

And then Tesíyn family, well… Carlo invented the robots and Nikolae is the head of their company. Nothing much to say about Alfred at the moment. He’s a nice guy, really. They are like 3 richest guys in the Timtale world…

  • 2 July 2013
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